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BAMA is a company with a long tradition. On the one hand, we have employees who have worked with us for many years and can look back on a long career with BAMA. On the other, we have newer members of the team who have joined our organisation more recently. It is precisely this mix of knowledge and experience and fresh, new ideas that makes us so successful. Our employees appreciate having the freedom to make their own decisions, manage new and interesting projects, and play a direct part in the company’s success.

BAMA has undergone change in recent years and is looking to expand further to meet the needs of the market going forward. Continuous improvement, new ideas and innovations are instrumental to our success and create new opportunities for us in our day-to-day work. The international nature of our business and our customers, the diversity of our products, the challenging projects we undertake, and the camaraderie among our team make working at BAMA a rewarding and exciting experience.

Since the end of 2018, BAMA has been part of the diversified Serafin Group, whose philosophy reflects the 150-year entrepreneurial history of the shareholding family. In keeping with its long-held principle of ‘Responsibility by Tradition’, Serafin offers its companies the operational and strategic support they need to continue to prosper.

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  • Thomas Huber

    Thomas Huber

    Sales Manager DACH
    • How long have you been working at BAMA?

      Since September 2012.

    • What does your job involve?

      As Sales Manager, I am responsible for sales in Switzerland and Austria. My main responsibilities include taking care of clients and managing the team.

    • What do you think makes BAMA special?

      The friendly atmosphere among colleagues and the expertise within the team as a whole motivate me to achieve our objectives. We play a part in shaping the business and feel an affinity for the company.

    • What do you particularly like about your job?

      The contact and collaboration with our customers! From the perspective of shoe retailers, we sell an ‘accessory’ product – so it is our job to highlight the importance of the shoe care segment when working with customers. It is complex work and involves every area, from negotiations with decision-makers to motivational training with our sales team.

    • How do you balance work and family life?

      In sales, we have flexibility with our working hours, which means we can accommodate the needs of our customers and seasonal fluctuations. The healthy distribution of work also makes it possible to strike a good work-life balance.

  • Martina Kaupa

    Martina Kaupa

    Senior Specialist, Business Support
    • How long have you been working at BAMA?

      In September 1985, when I started my apprenticeship as a industrial management assistant.

    • What does your job involve?

      The positive working atmosphere and the friendly interaction between managers and staff.

    • What do you think makes BAMA special?

      My experiences have been very positive. During my pregnancy, it was always possible to find solutions that were beneficial for both parties.

    • What do you particularly like about your job?

      Over the years, I have grown in the job, working first in the accounts department, before moving to HR and administration. I currently work part-time in administration and try to coordinate the organisation, day-to-day operations, and other specialist areas.

    • What has been your greatest professional achievement to date?

      Since 1985, there have been one or two changes in ownership. On every occasion, we have successfully managed the integration as a team, together with colleagues and managers. We have always supported company decisions of this kind because we have a strong affinity for the company.

  • Nadia Tanzer-Eppel

    Nadia Tanzer-Eppel

    Senior Analyst, Customer Supply Chain
    • How long have you been working at BAMA?

      I have been working at BAMA since 2013. I also had an international role in the export department for 3½ years, from the end of 1989.

    • Why did you decide to return to BAMA?

      Having previously worked at BAMA, I knew the company well – and the job in the finance & accounting complaints department for the French mass market really appealed to me.

    • What do you think makes BAMA special?

      I am the point of contact for our French customers and field sales staff. This means that I am the liaison for our field sales staff and the various departments in Germany and Poland. In this capacity, I am responsible for order processing and the coordination between logistics and the customer, as well as many other tasks.

    • What do you particularly like about your job?

      Coming from France, I am really happy to be able to take care of the French customers as part of my job. What’s more, working in an international environment helps me to keep up with my English.

    • What do you like most about your job?

      I find the everyday working environment at the company very positive.



BAMA GmbH is a medium-sized, leading international company.


We offer an attractive performance-based remuneration package.


We offer flexible working hours and opportunities to work from home so that our employees can balance work with family life.


The diversity of our team makes the day-to-day work a positive and rewarding experience.