It may sound like a contradiction – yet both tradition and innovation have shaped the BAMA brand. Since BAMA was founded more than 100 years ago, it has become a leading supplier of shoe care & cleaning products and comfort insoles.


Since its foundation, BAMA has always set new benchmarks with its products and has reaffirmed its commitment to quality through continuous innovation. This is still true of the company today.


  • 1914

    Our story begins in Dresden in 1914.
    It starts with a young entrepreneur, who had an extraordinary talent for understanding people’s needs. At the beginning of the 20th century, he recognised that mobility opened up new horizons for people, and provided them with opportunities to expand their own life experience – one step at a time.

    This realisation gave him the idea of developing insoles for shoes. With a financial investment of 750 reichsmarks for a sewing machine and punching machine, Curt Baumann laid the foundation for the company.

  • 1945

    The Second World War did not halt the company’s progress. In 1945, the production and shipping of paperboard insoles resumed in Mosbach on the top floor of a property owned by the Bumiller family.

  • 1952

    In 1952, the product became a brand. Curt Baumann created the name BAMA using the first two letters from each syllable in his surname.

  • BAMA – the company that defies convention and embraces new ideas in all areas of marketing, production and public relations came to the ground-breaking realisation that the best way for a product to reach people was to define clear target groups and use a narrative to communicate a message. It was not only about practicality and necessity, but also about emotion and product experience.