Our Commitment

One planet together

We are responsible for our choices today and how they affect the lives of generations to come. With every decision, we have the opportunity and also the responsibility to contribute to making the world a little better.

A long life

The production of shoes consumes valuable resources and as waste they pollute the environment. Shoe care not only preserves the value and enjoyment of the shoe, but also extends its life and thus contributes to greater sustainability.

Good packed

Packaging is part of the problem. They are part of the solution, the more resource-efficient and environmentally friendly they are. We are gradually converting our insole packaging from plastic bags to cardboard packaging made from recycled materials.

Step by step

New product concepts contribute to the conservation of resources and the environment. Bama already removed PFAS from all care formulations in 2013. Water-based, solvent-free products and comfort insoles with recycled or rapidly renewable raw materials are another step on this journey. This is what we are working on, every day.