• How often should I impregnate my shoes?

    To ensure that the pleasure of your newly purchased shoes lasts long, you should impregnate your shoes before wearing them for the first time. Wait until the shoe has dried and apply the impregnator a second time - only then the protection will be completely effective. For further impregnations, it depends mainly on the weather and the carrying frequency. Is it your favourite pair of shoes that you wear often? Then you should resort more often to the impregnator. In gerneral, the Bama impregnators are proven to provide extra protection for up to 15 rainy days.

  • Do patent leather shoes also need impregnation protection?

    No, you can safely skip that. Because patent leather has an impermeable surface by nature - so your shoes are optimally protected against moisture.

  • How do I maintain my patent leather shoes properly?

    Who has not experienced it before - this fine unpopular layer of dust, which always spreads on patent leather shoes? For the shoes to regain their shine, they need care. However, ordinary shoe creams often leave unsightly streaks on the shiny surface. For this reason, there are products specially designed for patent leather, such as the Bama patent leather lotion – to preserve the brilliant shine of your shoes for a long time.

  • Is there a difference between suede and nubuck leather? Or is it all the same?

    Colloquially, both nubuck and suede are known as rough or suede. However, there are subtle differences in production: suede is made from the inner side of the dermis. Therefore, you can clearly see the soft and supple fibres. For nubuck, however, the scar side of the dermis is used.The surface of the leather is sanded, and the typical fine, velvety and short fibres arise.

  • Oh dear - a stain! How to remove a shoe polish stain?

    A moment of inattention and it happened: The shoe polish did not land on the shoe but next to it. There are several ways to remove the unsightly colour. Which one is the best, however, depends on the material the stain has landed. Important: The stain must be treated as soon as possible! The best way to remove the little evildoers is while it’s still wet. Sometimes it is therefore advisable to dab some water in order to keep the stain moist. Since most shoe care products contain dyes and / or pigments, it is often impossible to recover them from materials such as e.g. wool or suede. So, if you want to have not only well-groomed shoes but also clean clothes, you should be especially careful when cleaning shoes.