I was a Bottle

Every step counts

In the areas of fashion, shoes and lifestyle, a rethinking has been taking place for years. Aspects such as sustainability,
consumer awareness and health are increasingly coming into focus.
Innovative formulations and technologies should contribute to the protection of the environment and resources and thus make the world a better place. At the same time, we want to feel good.


  • 1
    Fleece made from recycled plastic bottles
  • 2
    Latex foam
  • 3
    Moulded footbed made of recycled plastic bottles

Warm feet

The I WAS A BOTTLE footbed is a further step towards protecting the environment and resources and at the same time improves the wearing comfort with pleasantly warm feet in the cold season and turns every beautiful shoe into a favorite shoe - with every step, every day.

Microfiber fleece

The soft and warming footbed top is made of soft needle felt, which is carefully made from 90% recycled PET bottles.

Latex foam

A middle layer made of recycled latex cushions the step with every step.

PET bottles

A footbed shell also made of recycled PET bottles supports and relieves the foot. This is foot comfort on cold days, which at the same time protects the environment and resources – step by step, because every step counts..




The sole is packed in a practical and reusable fabric bag.

Creative DIY ideas for the reuse of the "Bama I was a bottle" fabric bag can be found here.